Training Academy

Leonardo’s Training Academy in Philadelphia provides a comprehensive curriculum for pilots, flight engineers and maintenance technicians. Our customers receive quality, integrated helicopter simulation and training for initial, conversion and recurrent training.

Simulator and flight training includes briefing/debriefing, instructor demonstrations and student practice of flying skills and procedures. Flight training is conducted in Philadelphia with FAA and TCCA Level D approved AW139 Full Flight Simulator training and ground school classroom training.

  • Dedicated flight training aircraft supporting AW119 (what about AW119Ke, AW119Kx, and the TH119 models?)
  • Maintenance training devices: AW139 / AW119
  • AW139 Full Flight Simulators training courses to be introduced to support new commercial products including AW169 and AW609


Read the Leonardo Helicopters Training Academies Catalogue for further details about our training services and course

Book a course at the Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy in the US co-located at our Philadelphia campus.

3050 Red Lion Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19114
+1 (215) 281-1400

Head of Training
T: +1 (215) 501-0816