Product Support & Engineering

Leonardo Product Support Engineering (PSE) in Philadelphia is committed daily to support our customers on technical aspects needed to maintain the continuous airworthiness of their fleet. The team is also dedicated to providing periodic updates on fleet status, product improvements and capability enhancement, with several in-person (e.g. MIT, CAB, HUMS conference and seminar) and virtual (webinar) events throughout the year.

It is available to provide real-time support, leveraging on services like HeliLink for specific troubleshooting or assessment directly on the helicopters.

Within PSE, the Service Engineering team takes care of the entire aircraft nose to tail; the highly specialized Structural Repair Engineers are dedicated to supporting all structural requests, with in-house capability to develop repair drawings and perform analysis. The Diagnostic Support Engineers work around the clock to provide HUMS and diagnostic analysis services to fulfill the most demanding operational requirements. Furthermore, the Business Office manages all customers’ accounts to the Leonardo Customer Portal to grant them access to My Publications, Technical Query, Online Store, News and much more.

The PSE team is a mix of young highly trained talents who have grown up with aeronautics as a dream, alongside experienced resources who have committed to the company and the industry their entire career. Together, they manage resources and everyday activities, having our customers’ satisfaction as the primary goal and using a positive mindset to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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