Ground Based Training Systems
Full Integration of Training Devices with the Training Helicopter is vital.
More than an ideal training helicopter – a complete training solution.
The TH-119 represents the helicopter solution but our educational and training capabilities go beyond the airframe to deliver a complete training solution that begins at the computer level and extends to advanced training simulators and more — for pilots, aircrew, and maintenance personnel.


Cost-effective, highly realistic training options

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Imagine a network-based classroom where students and instructors are connected by a server, delivering a comprehensive pilot curriculum. CBT combines advanced visual aids with interactive learning media to deliver individual and group student training. Other systems comprise individual PC workstations driving one or two displays. CBT does more.

Courseware can be designed for student self-paced learning in an interactive multimedia environment and may include personalized instructor participation.

e-Computer Based Training, or enhanced CBT, is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for training organizations that distribute training services around the world.

FixFlight – Flight Training Device

Need a fixed-base cost-effective helicopter training system with a high level of fidelity? FixFlight is the answer. The simulation faithfully captures helicopter behavior cockpit realism. This greatly improves the training experience and also the level of proficiency achievable by trainees.

Simulator Systems

FirstFlight Virtual Interactive Procedural Trainer (VIPT)

A powerful, realistic and cost-effective training tool where pilots learn through practical applications. Our FirstFlight Virtual Interactive Procedural Trainer enables trainees to rapidly and efficiently familiarize themselves with cockpit controls and avionic systems, developing procedural proficiency very cost-effectively.

FirstFlight employs advanced graphical visualization techniques to simulate the helicopter cockpit in a virtual environment, where flight deck controls, equipment, systems and components are faithfully reproduced using graphics and touchscreen technology.

HeliStar – Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD)

HeliStar is an industry-leading training system that meets, and in some aspects exceeds, the requirements of JAR-STD H and FAA CFR14 PART 60, based upon a customer's requirements. It delivers sufficient realism that one hour of simulator training is equivalent to one hour of flight training in the actual aircraft.