Full Spectrum Training
Single Helicopter Fleet, Single Configuration; All Training Flights

IFR Certified. The TH-119 Genesys cockpit completes the full spectrum training solution offered by the TH-119.

Same helicopter through all the phases

The most inefficient and expensive way to train is to require multiple configurations of a helicopter or worse; different helicopters to accomplish your training objectives. The TH-119 is equally effective in all phases of helicopter training and accomplishes it with a single configuration. So whether you are teaching a student to hover, fly on NVGs, fly on instruments or lift an external load, the TH-119 does it all without having to manage a disparate fleet of helicopters.


FAA IFR Certification

The TH-119 has received an IFR supplemental type certificate from the FAA, completing the platform’s full training spectrum. Combining advanced capabilities typical of large, complex helicopters with the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of a single engine airframe; the TH-119 uniquely offers the best of both worlds. Students will benefit from the IFR Genesys cockpit that provides an environment to practise and perform operations in low visibility and challenging conditions that they will face in the field.

Engineered to be the Next Generation Trainer

What sets it apart?

From the skids up, the TH-119 offers all of the attributes of a versatile advanced rotary wing training helicopter including an optional flight/voice data and video capture capability. Superior durability and exceptional performance margin allows students to make mistakes and not jeopardize their safety or the aircraft, while being forgiving enough for the most basic and essential helicopter flight maneuvers such as hovering and touchdown auto-rotations.

TH-119 for Advance Rotary Wing Training

Naval aviation is an uncompromising environment so a training aircraft needs to be up to the task. Its durable fuselage design easily withstands the stress of repeated full-contact auto-rotations which help to build essential flight survival skills. The helicopter is capable of performing full touchdown auto-rotations up to its maximum gross take-off weight.

Safety Features – Unique features of the TH-119 include:

  • Exceptional power margin maximizes safety
  • High resistance cocoon-type airframe
  • High visibility cockpit
  • 3.5 G shock absorbing skids
  • Dual independent hydraulic system
  • Dual flight controls
  • Dual independent SAS (Stability Augmentation System) and 3-Axis
  • AFCS system

Instructional Features – Unique features of the TH-119 that make it an exceptional instructional helicopter.

  • Optional flight/voice data and video capture capability with post-flight download
  • Centrally located observer seat that slides fore/aft, and 180 degrees side-to-side enables non-flying student to view the cockpit
  • Power margin and payload to carry additional students
  • Exceptional fuel load requires less refueling
  • Dual display cockpit enables the student to fly from either seat
  • Replaceable skid shoes allow for repetitive touchdown maneuvers
  • IFR-certified allowing for actual IMC training flights enabling training to occur during less than VFR conditions.
  • Hi-vis cockpit doors provide excellent visibility for early phase flight training and NVG flights
  • Optional cargo hook and hoist

Technical Data

  • VNE (SL) 152 kts
  • Cruise speed (SL - MCP) 138 kts
  • Rate of Climb (SL - TOP) 1,850 ft/min
  • Hovering IGE 11,000 ft
  • Hovering OGE 7,300 ft
  • Service ceiling 24,000 ft
  • Maximum range * 515 nm
  • Maximum endurance * 5hrs 20 min

*With 1,516 lbs useable fuel - no reserve - @ 5,000 ft

Genesys Cockpit Avionics

FAA Certified IFR and VFR

  • AFCS 3-axis duplex system
  • Flight Director
  • Independently powered Electronic Standby Instrument display
  • ICS pilot, co-pilot and cabin
  • Radio altimeter
  • Marker beacon
  • ELT
  • Digital Integrated Flight Deck including:
    • Four (4) 6" x 8" (10.4" diagonal) display units providing Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function (MFD) information, allowing Instructor Pilot to fly from either cockpit seat
    • 3D Synthetic Vision System with Highway In The Sky (HITS) navigation
    • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS) with terrain and obstacle database
    • Moving map with selectable overlay features
    • Integrated Dual VHF/AM communication, VOR/ILS navigation, GPS/WAAS navigation, Aural Warning Generator (AWG)
    • Mode S transponder with ADS-B in/out
    • Flight data logging
    • FIS-B NEXRAD and textual weather
    • Selectable PFD format for traditional attitude indicators with integrated analog format primary flight indicators
    • Multiple HSI modes
    • Fully NVG compatible
    • Hover cueing

AW119Kx – Fast and Flexible

The AW119Kx is the most spacious and powerful light single-engine helicopter equipped with modern avionics and a spacious interior to enable flexibility in role.