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See why the AW149 National Security Helicopter is the best choice as the replacement for the USAF UH-1N.
Lower cost. Less noise. Greater payload. Every feature and benefit of the AW139 make it the optimal choice for a UH-1N Huey replacement.


The AW139 features a Honeywell Primus Epic fully integrated avionics system and 4-axis digital Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS). The Primus Epic system features digital avionics, redundant flight systems and NVG compatibility. The cockpit was designed to increase safety while providing excellent visibility and a reduced pilot workload. The avionics suite features an open architecture that facilitates future growth.

Slide down tactical windows

These windows facilitate interior pintle mounted machine guns that do not obstruct the side cabin doors.


Large, spacious, unobstructed, constant cross section cabin with a square floor plan that is fully accessible and usable, and offers maximum mission flexibility and seating for up to 15 people. Both sides of the cabin can be accessed through the large sliding cabin doors with high clearance from main and tail rotors. This also permits quick and easy loading/unloading of personnel, equipment, litters or supplies directly onto the cabin floor, even with a forklift. A rear cabin area compartment is open to the main cabin, and is accessible in flight, or can easily be accessed on the ground through doors on either side of the aft fuselage.

Rotor System & Drive Train

Main Rotor System Design – The main rotor is a five blade, completely articulated fail-safe system designed for improved auto-rotational performance, lower noise, and lightning strike damage tolerance

Gearbox -- 60-minute “run dry” capable main gearbox. All gearboxes designed for very high time between overhauls (TBO). Main 6000 hrs, tail and intermediate 7500 hrs.

High main and tail rotor ground clearance ensures a safe environment for ground operations and maintenance personnel.

Reduced IR Signature Engine

Two powerful, low maintenance, environmentally friendly, legendarily reliable, Pratt & Whitney PT6C–67C engines with a full digital electronic engine control (FADEC), producing 1679 Shp each at takeoff.

Engines are mounted in separate engine turbine burst containment compartments and have independent inputs to the main gearbox. Side facing engine air intakes greatly reduce bird or flying object ingestion. IR Signature is lowered with airflow and a directional exhaust which also reduces plume impingement on the tail fuselage.

Rear Cabin Area

The AW139 layout provides an easily accessible, spacious, rear cabin area (120 cubic feet, 38.7 square feet of floor area) that is accessible from the main cabin and through two aft cargo doors on either side of the aircraft. This area can be used for mission equipment, litters or cargo.

Why AW139?

Why AW139?

The superbly designed AW139 interior is open/unobstructed from the cockpit to the tail. From the digital cockpit to a largest in class highly reconfigurable spacious main cabin, to the open accessible rear cabin area, the AW139 is extremely flexible.

Made in the USA

From our base at Northeast Philadelphia Airport, we have more than 600 employees making and supporting our AW139 and TH-119 helicopters.

Made in the USA

How it Compares

How it Compares

The AW139 National Security Helicopter® is in use in the United States and around the world in multiple roles: Law Enforcement, Rescue, Air Medical, Fire Fighting, Border Protection, and Military Response, Airlift, Gunnery. These varied “government operator” missions are conducted safely, effectively and economically.